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Referral Scheme

Earn money by promoting the Somali Business Directory

We are offering a superb referral scheme to those people who have direct contact with businesses in London. If you would like to earn commission simply by asking business you know to list in the Somali Business Directory, then read on.

How the referral scheme works

  • Each referrer (i.e. you) contacts the Somali Business Directory by leaving your contact details.
  • We then contact you by phone or email and discuss the referral scheme
  • You will be issued with a referral code i.e. SS01 (Safa Shop)
  • You then pass this code to any advertisers who you think will add their business to the Directory
  • You must advise the advertisers to add the referral code to their Business Listing Information page - there is a section in each business listing form for the referral code to be added
  • As soon as a new business is listed, we check to see if a referral code has been used and, if so, we add it to the referrers monthly total
  • At the end of each month the commissions are worked out and payments made either via PayPal (preferred method) or cheque
  • In addition a list of the businesses you have referred will be sent to you by email for your records

If you are interested in finding out more about our referral scheme, please Contact or E-mail us on

M: 07984289523